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As always, here are the highlights as far as i can remember at the moment, i probably forgot some stuff so feel free to add! =) woot we should have adventures more often!!

  • the freezing cold weather
  • all of us being thirsty in promenade for some reason lol 
  • having a discussion about how much the water was costing per mL and deciding on evian evi water ;)
  • 'chunk' and the words many meanings (group leader XD)
  • "all day i dream about sex"..."ok but what does that have to do with adidas?" heh i was sorta slow!
  • tim horton's croissants --> "fine i'm going to eat but i'm getting you a croissant too. what kind do you want?"..."i'm not telling you!"..."fine what kind do you recommend for uhh...me?"
  • "so where are we going?"..."the batcave!"..."how many stops is that?" (krystal was trying to figure out where we were going for a while ;P )
  • computer problems on the rapid not-so-rapid transit (and they left the doors open too! ;P)
  • "yeah my little sister is curious, i bet if i lay down..." ... D: "the line is so far behind it's a dot to you" lmao
  • being tourist-y everywhere we went, especially on the subway where it was obvious we don't go often
  • being the paparazzi and constantly saying "facebook!" *snaps picture*
  • subway surfing, pole humping, and the flock of seagulls hair (heh i think that's what al called it =P)
  • almost taking a picture of the subway driver's ass ;D
  • Canadians made of cottage cheese? bahahaha
  • random subway stops --> papsmear (pape) and hotdog stand (castle frank) oh and that one near the garbage place smelled pretty funky
  • finally getting to Honest Ed's and trying on random stuff ("friends don't let friends wear stuff like that Juliet" LMFAO)
  • lol the sign said come in and get lost and we actually did! (momentarily)
  • those pimpin' shoes for $14
  • the BK lounge --> "okay let's go people"..."ok".."are we actually going?"..."no" *bites hamburger*
  • the BK lounge aftermath! XD
  • all i have is a debit card and i can't give you that!
  • *juliet drops tomato* al:"people like you make the subway gross"...*al litters* evi:"people like you make the subway gross!" :P
  • attempting to do make up on the subway and dropping stuff. lol and then there was all those random people between us all of a sudden
  • "cooooooorrinaaaaa!!"
  • "roti boys reminds me of you"  >:O whaaaaaat?
  • jamming in the elevator --> "can you remove your penis from my ass?" XD
  • "sari press the star...sari press the star!...SARI PRESS THE STAR!!"
  • ha corrina works at calypso island
  • "no one can get in the van until we get a group shot of us!" *suddenly everyone is willing to pose*
  • laughing really hard when we finally did get in the van
  • random minority jokes all over the place ("we're not racist, we just pretend to be") lmfao 
  • what if we had invisible skin?
  • fence sitters vs.  'no i just prefer to visit both sides of the fence so i run back and forth"
  • gran tourismo moves!



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