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Yay weekend!!

Pretty sad when nothing at all pops up on your friends page as recent activity.. no one uses LJ anymore?! what about teh family?! welllll mini meeting this weekend I suppose, sounds like me, sari, evi and lea will be there with add on member Teh Mom and Teh Tyyyyrone. (maybe) and after evi's exam sounds like there is going to be a lot of fun ;)

ANNNNNND I dont think that sari has mentioned it here but she is having a party that I am pretty sure includes alllll of teh family. Hopefuly it will be like a reunion for us! I'm really looking forward to it :D much drinking and tons of fun. Juliet better leave the banana liquor alone in the shower though. (or maybe I do want to see that XD )

But now to an update on my life (which of course doesn't really belong in teh family's page but whateves I can do what I want, try and stop me!!)

School is good, keeping me super busy. I have three essay out  lines and two essay drafts all due in the same week and then I have to get all my research done and get the actual final drafts done all in a subsequent week with one another... History paper is due march 11th, Labour relations due a week after that, hist of modern science due a week after that and then english essay pulling up the rear on the first week of April. so i guess its good that it is all spread out but its super hard to get ahead when one thing just blends into the next and you get so overwhelmed.. especially when your damn essay is worth 35% of your final mark >______<"

H&M called me back (duh) and I will be starting work Monday as far as I can tell.. or at least I think they want me to go in and set everything up. I wonder if i will still be working in the same dept that i was working in before (Accessories) or if i will be getting a new job placement XD it could be interesting to start over so to speak.. but at the same time i liked accessories (as long as i am not working with that bitch Dionne anymore she was such a whorrrrre face to me). Guess we will see!!

My last exam is on April 22nd so that means my last day (or so) at york will be the 23rd of April.. i might be able to stay for a couple of days after that because I can say my flights are specific.. I also think that it is really dumb that I have to leave 24hrs after my last exam. who wants to pack while you are studying?! not me. But that means that I am only going to really be working at H&M for a one month period which is kinda pointless.. but i have $42 dollars in my bank account so I totally need a job XD I hate being poor.

But that is about enough ranting for my life now, and hopefully I hear back from some of you all soon!!! miss you and I miss Bubble tea! we should add sushi fun into the mix, I really love eating until i cant eat anymore.. $13! lol.



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Mar. 4th, 2008 12:24 am (UTC)
Love. You. Tons. 52
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