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Feb. 11th, 2007

well i had a good weekend :D thursday = austin powers, friday = sleepover, saturday = road trip
i'm much too pressed for time to do a full update but here are some pictures.....good times!

Think back, think wayyyy back...

 When was the last time teh Family got together?!

I miss you guys. And bubble tea. I would work there but I dont have the qualifications *squinty eyes* ...lol
When *you* arent grounded and doing a million assignments for school;
& When *you* arent watching anime endlessly at strange hours of the morning;
& When *you* arent chatting to the hotties on MSN;
& When *you* arent hanging with yo' lover;
& When *you* arent measuring the 'inseam' of some random man's crotch ;
And when Im not too busy being an elusive homo, .......



We know he's in a better place

Never got to live his dream

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R.I.P !Xobile. He was known by few, and will be missed by few, but he will forever be in Teh Family's hearts ♥

Born to his parents in South Africa, !Xobile lived a very miserable life.
Rejected by Travelocity because he's African, he was unable to live his dream. His father took an extended vacation to Hawaii, and his mother works as a gardener in Quebec, Canada. Needless to say, they were very disappointed in him.
Then, in early 2006, Teh Family adopted him. A little rough around the edges, they taught him how to be the great Travelling Gnome that he was. In late 2006, he suffered a bullet wound to the head. He recovered well, but his bad luck got the best of him when he got into an accident that claimed his life.
The details of the accident are still unknown.

For those who knew him, he was a quiet fellow, but enjoyed life and had a daring side. He was very loved.

The funeral will be private, and no date has been set.


well last night we had a pretty big group (10 at one point! wooot) for another random outing. although we didn't do anything extraordinarily spectacular hopefully it was still a good time for everyone like it was for me :) as always here are the highlights (although i'm positive that i'll forget some of them so you guys can just add some):
~ the Lindor chocolate wrapper swap (we're soo clever XD)
~Jorge wants to do stuff....but with who?;)
~Michelle calling me "E" after remembering everyone's name but mine :P
~Bubble Tea --> "we're individually separate but all together doing take-out" 
~ditching Ryan as payback since he always ditches lol
~drunken babos on the road
~Krystal: "let's get a cart"  Me:"oh i see we're doing some heavy-duty shopping" XP
~Krystal lying on the floor in Dominion (picture to come!)
~"don't move, don't move!...i mean move, move!"
~almost stiffing the waiter at Golden Griddle (woot 20 cent tip)
~the van almost ran out of gas (lol and Petro knows we went to Esso so they'll take off some Petro points ^___^")

don't forget that tomorrow is a certain "family" member's birthday :D and another member's last day here before the holidays (booo!) so we will have fun tomorrow too, wooohooo ;) 

Dec. 3rd, 2006

the hotel party was....eventful. i still had a great time :D but who knows what everyone else is thinking.
annyways both of the x-mas gifts i got rocked my socks (sooo touching 52), i learned many "random fact"s, we drank but nobody really feels whooozy this morning, there were a few debacles that had to be worked out, and in the end i only got about a half hour of sleep but it was toooooootally worth it. woot thanks for all the good times ;) !! here are a few highlights although i'm still dead tired and will probably forget a bunch of the good ones! XD
~ the pothead prostitutes saying "nice pillow" to juliet
~ sari totally being misled by secret santa :P 
~ mike on the phone with the pizza guy
~ being called "lush" and somehow defying gravity by spilling a drink that was still almost all in the glass in the end
~ the tiny tiny sofabed for lea and juliet! lmfao
~ krystal getting even more action during "sociables"
~"random fact!" (and hey that's a random question!)
~ mike and the crazy swingers party downstairs, or upstairs, mike never really knew lol
~ the crappy crappy "full" breakfast (bacon and eggs?.......yeah.....sure)

Just some stuff

 I suggest bubble tea, whenever possible. I need teh family love in its purest tapioca ball form.

Miss you all.

Hope everyone's weekend went well *heart*


 Evi's recountings are better, but a certain someone all but made me RUN to my computer when I got home to check Livejournal, like OMGWTFBBQ OH NOES!!!1 ... so haha, I totally did. All i really wanted to post about was this:

"Who is going to be the odd man ou--ohh I see. I seeeeeee." ~Al (ME, if you didnt know)

So, Evi, your turn. *heart*

latest family news

OKAY! So we didn't have a family night last week.. except for our random Wednesday outing.. hehe.. we went to Timmies and then drove around. w00t. and Wendy's. I remember ;-) nothing really worth posting about.

But then.. on Friday, it was adult family night out ;-) lmao Al & Juliet met up with me at Richmond Hill Centre and we went to the Firkin!!! We met up with Kari, Sue and Mark from bowling.. Mark was hitting on Al.. lol.. it's funny because he doesn't know Al's secret!! w0rd! lmao
We just hung out and talked for awhile, and then we went to McD's. That was pretty funny. Al wanted a happy meal, so we went around. I got fries. Then Juliet wanted pie, so we went around again and I got a cheese burger (yah yah McD's isn't healthy.. bla bla). They didn't have the right kind of pie, but then after I got my cheese burger, juliet wanted one too. So we went around a third time and the lady at the drive-thru window was laughing at us.. haha... hell, WE were laughing at us...

then we went our seperate ways. haha.. good times though :-D

Oct. 29th, 2006

Woot well this is a bit delayed but hey, it's been a busy weekend!
On thursday part of the family attempted to get together and hit up the pumpkin patch in light of the upcoming (very soon now!) holiday but unfortunately that didn't turn out because of certain people (you know who you are!). Although in the end only half of the family was together all was fun and crazy as always. Luckily this time the camera also came along ;) Here is the sparknotes version!
- Crazy Joe meets Crazy Bill
- Swiss chalet's crazy waitress ("nobody wants that shit")
- Driving in circles/squares all night (geometry class!)
- Stalking Juliet but never actually finding her
- TOYS 'R' US adventures (Al's first time in one!) and crazy pics (see below!!)
   ~ Dora's dirty side
   ~"Sword fight"  :D
   ~ Al's new girlfriend (with no nose)
- Warheads + Krystal = "Lick my tongue!"
- Krystal's a pimp! ;)
- Walking around looking for a certain security guard ("Funny seeing you here!") for someone (cough Krystal cough)
- Talking for hours in the pimp mobile ♥