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a vine line between horror and comedy XD

BAHAHAHA 'The Ruins' got 1.5 stars out of 4 and the critic said that it was unintentionally funny at parts and missing some horror elements so it was just sorta puzzling.
The best part about the review though: "Moral of the story: never visit an out-of-the-way Mexican ruin covered by vines and blood-red flowers that make a squeaking sound".
I literally laughed out loud XD anyways just thought i'd share that with you guys
p.s. aren't you glad we just picked a random movie when we got there?! :P

Yay weekend!!

Pretty sad when nothing at all pops up on your friends page as recent activity.. no one uses LJ anymore?! what about teh family?! welllll mini meeting this weekend I suppose, sounds like me, sari, evi and lea will be there with add on member Teh Mom and Teh Tyyyyrone. (maybe) and after evi's exam sounds like there is going to be a lot of fun ;)

ANNNNNND I dont think that sari has mentioned it here but she is having a party that I am pretty sure includes alllll of teh family. Hopefuly it will be like a reunion for us! I'm really looking forward to it :D much drinking and tons of fun. Juliet better leave the banana liquor alone in the shower though. (or maybe I do want to see that XD )

But now to an update on my life (which of course doesn't really belong in teh family's page but whateves I can do what I want, try and stop me!!)

School is good, keeping me super busy. I have three essay out  lines and two essay drafts all due in the same week and then I have to get all my research done and get the actual final drafts done all in a subsequent week with one another... History paper is due march 11th, Labour relations due a week after that, hist of modern science due a week after that and then english essay pulling up the rear on the first week of April. so i guess its good that it is all spread out but its super hard to get ahead when one thing just blends into the next and you get so overwhelmed.. especially when your damn essay is worth 35% of your final mark >______<"

H&M called me back (duh) and I will be starting work Monday as far as I can tell.. or at least I think they want me to go in and set everything up. I wonder if i will still be working in the same dept that i was working in before (Accessories) or if i will be getting a new job placement XD it could be interesting to start over so to speak.. but at the same time i liked accessories (as long as i am not working with that bitch Dionne anymore she was such a whorrrrre face to me). Guess we will see!!

My last exam is on April 22nd so that means my last day (or so) at york will be the 23rd of April.. i might be able to stay for a couple of days after that because I can say my flights are specific.. I also think that it is really dumb that I have to leave 24hrs after my last exam. who wants to pack while you are studying?! not me. But that means that I am only going to really be working at H&M for a one month period which is kinda pointless.. but i have $42 dollars in my bank account so I totally need a job XD I hate being poor.

But that is about enough ranting for my life now, and hopefully I hear back from some of you all soon!!! miss you and I miss Bubble tea! we should add sushi fun into the mix, I really love eating until i cant eat anymore.. $13! lol.


blahhhhh blooberrrrriessssssssss

 Yeah. I'm bored.

 I found out that I am not getting a room mate any time soon, and maybe not even till January or not at all. Which, is good if you like privacy, but for me, it sucks because the whole reason (besides a kitchen XD ) is that I was sick of the loneliness, for all I didn't like G, she was at least company. And here, every single person has a suitmate, so I can't even go around and find some other single room people to talk to.

 In the same respect, I always make friends better through another person, rather than on my own. Or in class is even better, because when in doubt, you can talk about school work. I miss teh family terribly, and I hope everyone is doing good.

I do really like cooking here, that is a major bonus, because I have something to do, if only prepare, cook and clean up afterwards.

Umm other than that, I am not up to much. Preparing for class tomorrow, most likely going to change up everything I had planned. XD

Love to all. Hope everything apart goes as well as everything went when we were together.


Woman to woman encouragement

Someone will always be prettier.
They will always be smarter.
Their house will be bigger.
They will drive a better car.
Their children will do better in school.
And their husband will fix more things around the house.

So let it go, and love you and your circumstances. Think about it.

The prettiest woman in the world can have hell in her heart.
And the most highly favoured woman at your job may be unable to have children.
And the richest woman you know (she's got the car, the house, the clothes) might be lonely.

So, love you.
Love who you are right now.
Tell yourself "I am too blessed to be stressed."
Be blessed ladies, and encourage another woman.

"To the world you might be one person, but to one person you just might be the world"

Apr. 22nd, 2007

Quick summary...
Last Saturday - Juliet and I running like mad after the 3 bus bahaha, missing the 77 by 4 minutes and having to wait another 25 minutes, IKEA adventure (and almost being escorted out since we were there so long after it closed XD), met Ryan and company for Jack Astor's (had a minimum :P and a jerkish waiter)
Sunday - IKEA (again! lol -> Al got Cl0b0, we got Juliet's light), going back and forth on the driveway for a good 10 minutes trying to leave the house BAHAHA, Chapters
Tuesday - Pizzaiola (Michelle, Ryan, Al, Sari, and I) - pet the cactus XD, porn music lmao, singing loudly, Michelle's panini like a brick
Thursday - subway downtown, shopping on Queen St. (the silver snail =D), Korean BBQ, mini tour from Ashley A :P, eaton's centre indecisiveness (cell phone party =P), mega cranky episode on the way uptown O___o (except me!), Value Village/thrift store visit, picked up Juliet/waited a whiiiile, Tim Horton's
Saturday - up obscenely early (for a weekend anyway XD), coffee/muffin at the blacklisted second cup, york = really empty and actually really nice, taking the scenic route in the William Small Centre lol, hucking stuff out the window, "you better not be taping money to that"..."shhh you're not supposed to know!" (bahaha), note to the mail people ;D 

As always, here are the highlights as far as i can remember at the moment, i probably forgot some stuff so feel free to add! =) woot we should have adventures more often!!

  • the freezing cold weather
  • all of us being thirsty in promenade for some reason lol 
  • having a discussion about how much the water was costing per mL and deciding on evian evi water ;)
  • 'chunk' and the words many meanings (group leader XD)
  • "all day i dream about sex"..."ok but what does that have to do with adidas?" heh i was sorta slow!
  • tim horton's croissants --> "fine i'm going to eat but i'm getting you a croissant too. what kind do you want?"..."i'm not telling you!"..."fine what kind do you recommend for uhh...me?"
  • "so where are we going?"..."the batcave!"..."how many stops is that?" (krystal was trying to figure out where we were going for a while ;P )
  • computer problems on the rapid not-so-rapid transit (and they left the doors open too! ;P)
  • "yeah my little sister is curious, i bet if i lay down..." ... D: "the line is so far behind it's a dot to you" lmao
  • being tourist-y everywhere we went, especially on the subway where it was obvious we don't go often
  • being the paparazzi and constantly saying "facebook!" *snaps picture*
  • subway surfing, pole humping, and the flock of seagulls hair (heh i think that's what al called it =P)
  • almost taking a picture of the subway driver's ass ;D
  • Canadians made of cottage cheese? bahahaha
  • random subway stops --> papsmear (pape) and hotdog stand (castle frank) oh and that one near the garbage place smelled pretty funky
  • finally getting to Honest Ed's and trying on random stuff ("friends don't let friends wear stuff like that Juliet" LMFAO)
  • lol the sign said come in and get lost and we actually did! (momentarily)
  • those pimpin' shoes for $14
  • the BK lounge --> "okay let's go people"..."ok".."are we actually going?"..."no" *bites hamburger*
  • the BK lounge aftermath! XD
  • all i have is a debit card and i can't give you that!
  • *juliet drops tomato* al:"people like you make the subway gross"...*al litters* evi:"people like you make the subway gross!" :P
  • attempting to do make up on the subway and dropping stuff. lol and then there was all those random people between us all of a sudden
  • "cooooooorrinaaaaa!!"
  • "roti boys reminds me of you"  >:O whaaaaaat?
  • jamming in the elevator --> "can you remove your penis from my ass?" XD
  • "sari press the star...sari press the star!...SARI PRESS THE STAR!!"
  • ha corrina works at calypso island
  • "no one can get in the van until we get a group shot of us!" *suddenly everyone is willing to pose*
  • laughing really hard when we finally did get in the van
  • random minority jokes all over the place ("we're not racist, we just pretend to be") lmfao 
  • what if we had invisible skin?
  • fence sitters vs.  'no i just prefer to visit both sides of the fence so i run back and forth"
  • gran tourismo moves!
here's mooooore pics from yesterday's adventure to the batcave ;)i will also post with the details of what happened but there's not time tonight XD

Jack Astor's

random niagara falls trip, pic post #2